Del 12-11-2019


U.MANO - Art and Science: ancient measurements, new civilisations is the last exhibition at Fondazione Golinelli curated by Andrea Zanotti, with Silvia Evangelisti, Carlo Fiorini and Stefano Zuffi.

The exhibition, from 20th November 2019 until 9th April 2020 at Centro Arti e Scienze Golinelli, was dedicated to the hand and unfolded on various levels of interpretation: from the exploration of the inner nature of man to his opening up to an understanding of the universe lying around him. The hand is the very link between the dimension of doing and that of thinking and it is therefore representative of the Fondazione Golinelli’s own outlook, reappraising a link which today has been lost: that binding art and science and which achieved the very peak of its expression in Italian culture.

In the exhibition, the masters of the past dialogued with the present through installations, experiences of augmented reality, re-materialisations, applied robotics innovations and interactive workstations. The reflection on the theme of the hand thus allowed us to investigate the role of man in a present dominated by technology.