Fondazione Golinelli
Del 24-09-2020


CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli join forces to launch the first edition of I-Tech Innovation 2021. This provides investments of more than 1.6 million euros for innovative start-ups in the Life Science/Digital Health, Fintech/Insurtech and FoodTech/Agritech sectors. The program features  three Calls for Innovation, each focused on a single research field. Applications should be submitted by 3 December 2020. The list of selected projects will be published on 12 April 2021.

CRIF is a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions. In 2019, it completed its coverage as AISP in 31 European countries where the PSD2 regulation is included in the prestigious IDC FinTech Top 100 ranking.

Fondazione Golinelli is a philanthropic holding which has given life to a unique ecosystem integrating  education, training, research, technology transfer, acceleration, incubation, open innovation and venture capital to enhance the professional profile and develop skills of younger generations.

While the two are born out of different exigencies, CRIF and the Golinelli Foundation are wholly complementary in terms of background and skill provision.. In full harmony with the strategic partnership stipulated, they are now planning to run together a multi-year program of projects aimed at stimulating the fragile and yet  strategic space that has always divided the world of research from that of business. The “playmaker” of the operation will be G-Factor incubator-accelerator that has solid experience about investments in startups and innovative projects at national level.

The recent health emergency has exposed one of the most underlooked issues of our country: technological and IT upgrading of infrastructures, technological innovation of production systems of goods and services, and the teaching of digital culture at school are not sufficient yet to compete on an international scenario. I-Tech Innovation 2021 aims to encourage the immediate creation of new entrepreneurship with a high innovative and technological content, by investing in Italian sectors of excellence. In the long term, it aims to contribute to bridging Italy's serious technological development gap.

Fondazione Golinelli, via its G-Factor, has become a landmark in the sector of Life Sciences. CRIF instead is specialized in the fintech and insurtech field. Together they’ll design a rich program of initiatives as part of their multi-year partnership in various sectors, such as agritech, industry 4.0, open innovation, data science, artificial intelligence, internet of things and virtual reality.

The three Calls for Innovation of the I-Tech Innovation 2021 will be managed by G-Factor, which will take care of their promotion, the selection process and the delivery of the accelerator program, with the technical support from Digital Magics, a leading startup incubator in Italy. The three different Calls for Innovation aim to select 13 startups. The startups will participate in a 8 months mentorship and support program for the development of their business models, which includes training days in Bologna and online mentoring meetings.

For more information about the three Calls and on how to apply, please visit the website