The Summer School that stimulates humanities scholars in identifying new entrepreneurial opportunities and the development of new business ideas.

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Il sistema universitario italiano offre una ricchissima formazione in campo umanistico, frutto di un'antica tradizione di studi e di inesauribili opportunità di scoperta del patrimonio culturale e artistico. Tuttavia, questo straordinario bacino di competenze si trasforma raramente in iniziative imprenditoriali che abbiano una sostenibilità economico-finanziaria. Per questo Fondazione Golinelli ha promosso a partire dal 2018 il percorso estivo di alta formazione Entrepreneurship in Humanities, con quattro edizioni a Bologna, una a Bari e una a Reggio Calabria.

The Project

The Italian university system offers students and PhD students a rich education in humanities, the result of an ancient tradition of studies and the inexhaustible opportunities for discovery of cultural and artistic heritage. However, this extraordinary pool of knowledge rarely turns into entrepreneurial initiatives that are economically and financially sustainable.

The Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities stems from the need to experiment with new avenues, based on a clear vision of the potential value of humanities skills, to be put into play both in the market and in the public sector or with hybrid solutions and public-private collaborations. It offers a select group of undergraduate, graduate and PhD Humanities students a multidisciplinary intensive path, which combines high-level lessons with the support of a team of experts in setting up new businesses. Humanistic content interacts with management, marketing and organizational skills needed for business creation, using the latest developments in digital technologies.

2023 Edition

Andrea Bonaccorsi, Professor of Engineering Management at the University of Pisa and expert in economics and science of innovation, is the scientific director of the program. The 2020 edition of the Summer School was promoted by Fondazione Golinelli with the support of Gate: Galileo Aggregator for Technology and Enterprise, based in Pisa.

NEW: In addition to the third edition of the summer school in Bologna, a first edition of the program was inaugurated in Bari. Following the Covid-19 emergency, both editions were reformulated thanks to the use of distance learning platforms designed in collaboration with local partners and associations.

Thanks to the support of Fondazione Golinelli and its partners, 30 full scholarships and 5 tuition scholarships were awarded for each edition. The Bolognese edition is supported by Marino and Paola Golinelli, as part of the initiatives of the philanthropic program Marino punto Cento, which celebrates the centenary of the founder and honorary president of Fondazione Golinelli.

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The aim of the Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities is to support humanities scholars in fostering the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills and identifying new entrepreneurial opportunities with highly innovative profiles.


University students (under age 35), undergraduate and postgraduate students (for no more than three years), doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers (or valid foreign qualifications) in the field of humanities.


The Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities is a two-week full-time course.

The IV Bologna Edition took place from 28 June to 9 July 2021.

The I Reggio Calabria Edition took place from 12 to 23 July 2021.

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Antonio Danieli

Vice President and Director General
Fondazione Golinelli

Andrea Bonaccorsi

Scientific Director

Eugenia Ferrara

Vice Director
Fondazione Golinelli

Alice Zenobi

Fondazione Golinelli

Chiara Cenerini

Fondazione Golinelli

Simona Pira

Gate SPA

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