Icaro is a true "entrepreneurial gymnasium", designed to bring university students closer to corporate culture and stimulate their creativity, passion, and resourcefulness.

The path aims to realize concrete projects, based on problems and challenges launched by local and national companies, from a perspective of open innovation and the sharing of ideas.

The projects are developed by interdisciplinary groups, applying the design thinking methodology, aimed at solving complex problems starting from empathy towards the real needs of people.

The framework is completed by a faculty of excellence, comprised of university professors, experienced professionals and young entrepreneurs in the role of mentors.

Icaro includes:

  1. training meetings, group work and discussions with businesses;
  2. design thinking workshops, to face and solve the challenges launched by businesses;
  3. company visits, to further understand the organizational reality of the businesses;
  4. "lateral" stimuli, in which individuals from very different backgrounds (artists, writers, athletes) offer moments of reflection and comparison.

From 2016 to today, the three editions of Icaro in Bologna have involved 120 students from different courses of study at the University of Bologna.

From 2017, Icaro has also initiated a collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which has involved 40 students of different courses of study from that university.

To date, over 30 educators, professionals, experts, and scientific partners have contributed to the training activities of Icaro.

ICARO è strutturato in 3 workshop immersivi, caratterizzati da incontri formativi, lavoro in gruppo e confronti con le aziende; numerosi laboratori di Design Thinking, per fornire approccio e strumenti per affrontare e risolvere le sfide poste dalle aziende; visite in azienda, per immergersi e conoscere da vicino la realtà organizzativa delle imprese coinvolte; 3 stimoli laterali, in cui personalità provenienti da ambiti molto diversi fra loro (artisti, scrittori, sportivi…) offrono momenti di riflessione e confronto.

Dal 2016 ad oggi, le tre edizioni di ICARO a Bologna hanno coinvolto 120 studentesse e studenti provenienti da diverse Scuole dell’Università di Bologna. Dal 2017 ICARO ha attivato anche un’edizione in collaborazione con l’Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, rivolta a 40 studentesse e studenti di tutte le Scuole dell’Ateneo. Ad oggi, più di 30 docenti, esperti, partner scientifici e collaboratori hanno contribuito alle attività formative

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