ReActor is a school of entrepreneurship and innovation for scientists and researchers characterized by a strong practical and experiential orientation.



ReActor is a school of entrepreneurship and innovation for Ph.D. students, research assistants, young researchers, and scientists with innovative ideas and high growth potential. With a strong practical-applicative mindset, the project aims to provide methodologies, tools, and applicable experiences to approach entrepreneurship as a possible path of professional and personal development. Participation in the project is free.

The Project

For the third consecutive year, Fondazione Golinelli has proposed ReActor, a project aimed at entrepreneurship and innovation for young scientists, following the success of two previous pilot editions, brought forth by the University of Bologna.

The project for the 2020-2021 academic year has been launched with the addition of renewed partnerships: in addition to the University of Bologna, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the CNR Research Area of Bologna and IOR - Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute have joined the project. Simone Ferriani leads the project as scientific director.

Applications for the third edition are closed from January 25, 2021.



After a 12-week training program on entrepreneurship issues the participants with the best business ideas will be selected by a committee of experts to access further training in prestigious international ecosystems allowing participants to perfect their projects by immersing themselves in an extremely high-yielding and stimulating business environment.


The program is dedicated to Ph.D. students, post-graduate students, researchers, and professors of partner universities and research institutes, and is based on the awareness that entrepreneurial empowerment of young scientists plays a crucial role in strengthening the innovative capacity of the countrywide system.

How It Works

  1. The school has a duration of 12 weeks and focuses on issues of entrepreneurship, from the development of the idea to the ideation of the business model, to the relationship with the market and stakeholders, to the professional presentation of the project. Instruction will be delivered remote and on-site. Participation in the project is free.
  2. A grant contribution will be provided for the teams selected to participate in the international training phase. Participants are required to cover the expenses for the public liability and personal accident insurance for periods spent abroad.
  3. The teams will be joined by a network of mentors and will participate in meetings with financial and industrial investors and other entrepreneurs.
  4. At the end of the training period, each team will present their project to an audience of potential investors, professors, members of venture capital and the industrial world.
  5. Following the pitch day, the teams with the highest potential ideas will have the opportunity to benefit from a further training period in the United Kingdom and/or the United States, at some of the world's most important entrepreneurial ecosystems.
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Ing. Antonio Danieli

Director General and Board Member
@ Fondazione Golinelli
CEO @ G-Factor Incubator-Accelerator

Simone Ferriani

Scientific Director

Eugenia Ferrara

Vice Director
Fondazione Golinelli
Silvia Cozzi

Project Manager
Alessandro Pastore

Mentor Coordinator

Daniele Gazzola

Scientist – Entrepreneur In Residence

Nicola Cerato

Scientific Tutor


Francesco Baschieri
Simone Maggi
Arianna Neri
Caren Weinberg
Rodrigo Mallo Leiva
Alessandra Raggi
Federico Tonelli
Alessandro Parenti
Alexander Schmitz Kohlitz
Sebastiano Zannoli
Marco Santulli
Marco Cupidi
Alessandro Araldi
Lucia Romagnoli
Massimo Aliberti
Luca Rossettini
Claudio Marinelli