I hope students, young people, educators, and all citizens, have a dream to strive for, a promise that will give meaning and purpose to their lives, knowing they have a significant role in a global world. We must not be afraid to face the future, we must be involved and aware of the social responsibility that we all have. The foundation is dedicated to supporting youth and society, by inspiring and empowering individuals to achieve the promise in their own lives: this is – and will always be – the purpose of Fondazione Golinelli.


Board Members

Andrea Zanotti, President
Antonio Danieli, Vice President
Adriano Fabris, Councilor
Emilio Ferrari, Councilor
Stefano Golinelli Jr, Councilor

Board of Auditors

Sergio Parenti
Sergio Graziosi
Giovanna Randazzo

Fondazione Golinelli

Established in Bologna in 1988, by the will of entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli, Fondazione Golinelli currently represents the sole Italian example of a fully operational private philanthropic foundation, inspired by Anglo-Saxon models.

It spearheads initiatives dealing with education, professional training, research, innovation, business, and culture. The aim is to offer everyone - young and old - the necessary tools in order to understand the future, by fostering cultural growth, awareness and the ability to responsibly face what lies ahead, both from a professional and a human point of view.

Fondazione Golinelli collaborates with the primary Italian public institutions and with the leading academic, cultural and scientific partners, on a local, national and international level.

For the coming years, it has launched OPUS 2065, a multi-year development program commissioned by the founder Marino Golinelli, whose main objectives are the creation of innovative training paths for young people and educators, interdisciplinary research, and the support for new business activities.

Opificio Golinelli

An open ecosystem where educational and professional development, research and technology transfer, venture capital in synergy with business incubation and acceleration, all come together harmoniously. Fondazione Golinelli continues to foster the arts and sciences to expand access to knowledge and understanding.

Inaugurated in 2015 and designed by diverserighestudio, the industrial space of 9,000 sqm was regenerated thanks to a pioneering urban renewal project. It now houses laboratories, classrooms, offices, exhibition spaces, and workshops, plus a large auditorium.

Opificio Golinelli received the Premio Urbanistica 2015 by the scientific journal of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica for “Infrastructure quality of public spaces”. In 2016 it was selected by 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale and exhibited at the Italian Pavillion.

Beginning in 2019 its work space will double: the total expansion will reach 14,000 sqm, of which 10,000 sqm will be dedicated to operational surfaces. The new section will house G-Factor, the business incubator and accelerator of Fondazione Golinelli, as well numerous activities focusing on research and technology transfer.

The aim is to become, in the next three years, one of the most important innovation centers in Europe.

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Our Team

Eugenia Ferrara

Deputy Manager

Benedetta D'Oria

Head of Administration

Enrico Tombesi

Head of Educational Outreach Program

Pier Francesco Bellomaria

Facility Manager

Lucia Tarantino

Program Manager Education (0-13)

Raffaella Spagnuolo

Program Manager Education (14-18)

Giorgia Bellentani

Teacher Training Manager

Annalisa Perrone

Communication and Social Media Manager

Francesco Castellana

Press Office Manager

Alice Zenobi

Event Promotion Office

Caterina Battaglia

Administrative Office

Elena Tonini

Executive Assistant

Giulia Bariselli

Secretary (Educational Programs)

Valentina Lodi

Secretary, Teacher Training and Educational Outreach Program

Alessandro Saracino

Edutech Program Manager

Federica Esposito

Secretary (Educational Programs)

Angela Sergi

Secretary (Educational Programs)

Gloria Granatini

Secretary (Educational Programs)

Chiara Cenerini

Program Manager "Scuola e Impresa"

Beatrice Starace

Edutech Specialist

Anna Franzoni

Executive Assistant

Gianmarco Ghetti

Project Assistant and Secretary Coordinator

Silvia Cozzi

Project Manager G-Factor

Lisa Bernardini

Communication and Social Media Manager

Simone Cosenza

Administrative Office

Stefania Barbieri

Scientific Tutor

Sara Bernardi

Scientific Tutor

Giuliano Matteo Carrara

Scientific Tutor

Jessica Maestrini

Scientific Tutor

Paolo Manzi

Scientific Tutor

Gabriele Mazzotta

Scientific Tutor

Maria Chiara Pascerini

Scientific Tutor

Stefania Zampetti

Scientific Tutor

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Supporting Fondazione Golinelli means, above all, helping youth have access to our educational and professional development activities, bringing them closer to scientific research, and preparing them to face the challenges of the future, by helping them to grow with awareness and the ability to interpret the constant changes in our society.

It also means fostering the arts and sciences, with the belief that everyone should have access to culture, which can improve our society. It means being part of a great visionary project with concrete objectives and having the certainty that every sum donated, however big or small, will be invested in a valuable initiative that will, in turn, create shared knowledge and experience.

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