Fondazione Golinelli aims to foster the possibilities of integrating research, industry and the market, focusing on young people and their ideas, scientific research and technological innovation. It is an experimental, inclusive and multidisciplinary approach that enhances the contamination between competences, experiences and different fields of studies: humanistic, technical, scientific, economic-financial.

Bringing Youth Closer to Corporate Culture and Innovation

Three projects, with different targets and objectives, to support young people in the choices of the future:

  • The Giardino delle imprese, dedicated to students of upper secondary schools and to the development of their soft skills.
  • The Icaro project, dedicated to university students.
  • The Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities, a pathway to excellence, dedicated to humanities scholars who want to approach entrepreneurship.

G-Factor: where competences, capital and community take action

G-Factor, the new incubator-accelerator aimed at up-and-coming businesses, completes the open ecosystem of Fondazione Golinelli. It is a collaborative and generative environment of 2,500 sqm, enhancing the conception of different activities, experiences and competences: humanistic, technical, scientific, economic.