Research and Postgraduate Training

Support for university training of researchers specializing in data science and the creation of innovative paths in postgraduate training are the guidelines that guide the activities of Fondazione Golinelli in this area.

New Guidelines

A further strategic objective is achieved with the support of two development sectors: research and postgraduate training. Fondazione Golinelli supports the Doctoral School in Data Science and Computation, promoting innovative advanced training courses for scientists and researchers, oriented towards entrepreneurship and characterized by a strong practical and experiential character enhanced by the contamination between different fields of knowledge.


ReActor is a school of entrepreneurship and innovation for Ph.D. students, research assistants, young researchers, and scientists with innovative ideas and high growth potential. With a strong practical-applicative mindset, the project aims to provide methodologies, tools, and applicable experiences to approach entrepreneurship as a possible path of professional and personal development. Participation in the project is complimentary.