Fondazione Golinelli
Del 14-10-2020


Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, the Board of Directors, on the recommendation of the President Andrea Zanotti and in the presence of founder Marino Golinelli, unanimously elected Antonio Danieli, former General Manager, Vice President of Fondazione Golinelli.

Born in 1974, from Bologna. Immediately after graduating in Management Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2000, he worked as a business consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture SpA) and then in KPMG BAS SpA. In 2004 he obtained a Master's degree in Management of Social Enterprises, Non-Profit Companies and Cooperatives (NP&COOP) at SDA Bocconi.

After founding a startup in the field of strategic business consulting for non-profit companies and directing the "Nomisma Terzo Settore" Foundation, he entered Fondazione Golinelli as Secretary General in July 2009. In 2011 he assumed the role of General Manager, and on 14 October 2020 he was appointed Vice-President. At the same time, since July 2018, Danieli has also assumed the position of Sole Director of G-Factor srl, the company created and controlled by the Foundation for the management of the new business incubator and accelerator that is part of the ecosystem of Opificio Golinelli, "city of knowledge, innovation and culture".

In recent years, Antonio Danieli has operationally directed the organizational growth of the Foundation, extending training activities at national and international levels and expanding his intervention to the research sector and to that of supporting and developing new innovative entrepreneurial realities. In his role as General Manager and Vice President, Danieli will continue to personally follow the genesis and coordination of multi-year projects and permanent centers, overseeing the organization of Fondazione Golinelli, which today has become a real "philanthropic holding company", and supporting the President and the Board of Directors in the development of new strategies and projects.