Del 17-07-2020


The Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities took place from July 6 to 17 (Bologna's third edition) and from July 13 to 24 (Bari's first edition). The summer school is a full-time course that fosters the acquisition of interdisciplinary skills between humanities and social sciences, technology, economics, communication, and marketing sciences.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, both editions have been redesigned for successful online use thanks to distance learning platforms.

Andrea Bonaccorsi, Professor of Engineering Management at the University of Pisa and expert in economics and science of innovation, returned as scientific director. The 2020 edition of the summer program was promoted by Fondazione Golinelli with the support of Gate: Galileo Aggregator for Technology and Enterprise, based in Pisa.

The Summer School arises from the need to experiment with new paths, based on a clear vision of the potential value of humanistic skills, to be put into play in the market and the public sector or with hybrid solutions and public-private collaborations.

The course is dedicated to a selected group of undergraduates, postgraduates in the field of humanities. Thanks to the support of Fondazione Golinelli and other partners, the training course will be awarding 35 full-coverage scholarships for each edition. The Bolognese edition is supported by Marino and Paola Golinelli as part of the initiatives of the philanthropic program Marino punto Cento, which celebrates the centenary of the founder and honorary president of Fondazione Golinelli.


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